Be ready for the Return of Addiction Party Berlin to Cologne. In 2 weeks Station 2b will host Berlin’s Sportswear Party:

addiction Sportswear Party

21 / APR / 18 | „NeonBOXX“ Cologne


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it’s NOT a FETISH it’s addiction

Due to the large Resonaz the neonBOXX Party – we offer for 1.mal a neonBOXX in Cologne station 2B

Lots of black light and colored lights, will bring the night to illuminate.

The „special DJ“ Diego Summers (Amsterdam) Alejandro Alvarez (Cologne) heitzen you on the dance floor really, with TechHouse music until late into the night one.

The big highlight of the evening is a visit from the GoGo’s Markos Müller (Cologne) Emilio Jose (Madrid) which will animate you really with hosts Marcel and Fabian in sporty dress and lots of bare skin.

Who is not tired, of course, has the opportunity in the darkroom, me, getting the right types or simply chill out in the sports lounge … ..

The Bartender refresh you throughout the evening with cool Shoots and provide good mood!

Just come have fun and celebrate with like-minded in neonDress and lots of black light a cool night out …….