I’m very proud to play first time in Colognes legendary Club Odonien.

Odonia Noire is a 2 day Indoor Festival with 48 Acts over 2 Nights.

Catch me playing Saturday Night during the Studio 3000 Showcase,

where all Artists of my Label join for a great night of Techno.

Check out this endless Line Up:

FRIDAY <<<<——– 19:00 to 09:00

Visions of Techno (A-Z)

Claus Bachor
Edwin Isn’t (Live)
Kevin Arnold
Komet Bernhard
Liam Mandiaro
Markus Funke
Roland Casper
Rony Golding

Deep to Melodic (A-Z)

Alex New
Elmar Strathe
Irwin Leschet
Jens Schwan
Oliver Hess

Infamous Fun Bus

– Dino
– Gina G
Kiel Nagel
KUnz Music
Samuel D
Subdural Soundzz

SATURDAY  <<<<——– 19:00 to 12:00

Visions of Techno (A-Z)

Alejandro Alvarez (Studio 3000 Showcase)
Christoph Pauly (Studio 3000 Showcase)
Der Eggert
Eva Lakritz
Ezekiel (Studio 3000 Showcase)
Jens Lissat (Studio 3000 Showcase)
Mike Jayy
Skippo (Studio 3000 Showcase)

Deep to Melodic (A-Z)

Bjo:rn Clayer
Clark Wohlert
Dirk Sid Eno
Marc Vision , DJ
Pierce aka „von&zu“
Stephan Fischer (DJ)

Infamous Fun Bus

Carsten Halm
Ruben Schwarz
Eric Svensen – DJ Seite
– Evelyn (Swiss Sound Invasion by Tanzkiosk)
– Martin von Siebenthal (Swiss Sound Invasion by Tanzkiosk)
– Mewa (Swiss Sound Invasion by Tanzkiosk)
Moog Lee (Swiss Sound Invasion by Tanzkiosk)

Join us next weekend to celebrate Music !