Edition No 9 of Colognes Techno After Hour WACH

I’m very happy to be back to the official Hasenbau After Hour at Club Brabanter.

Sunday after Christmas we will blow your minds with the best Technobeats on

Sunday Morning and make you #wach !

Special Line up of 4 DJ’s this time:

➡️ Alejandro Alvarez
(Studio 3000 Rec/Köln)
➡️ Max Dee (Hasenbau/Köln)
➡️ Nil Phi (B:EAST/Berlin)
➡️ Skippo (Studio 3000 Rec/Köln)


So get #wach early and join us for a Techno Sunday in Colognes Belgium Quarter.

Sunday 29. December 6am

#wachtanzen #wachfeiern #wachwerden #wachcologne